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NEWTON Stabilized Camera Heads Selected for Broadcast of Eurovision Song Contest 2016

See the NEWTON, AERIGON Mk II UAV, and DOMINION Gimbal/Camera Controller at NAB 2016, April 18-21, booth C2055DP in Las Vegas Los Angeles, CA: Mar. 31, 2016 . . . NEP Sweden (formerly Mediatec Broadcast) and Rail & Tracking Systems (RTS) have purchased NEWTON camera heads from Intuitive Aerial. The gyro-stabilized heads will be usedContinue Reading

Rodeo FX Brings Insight and Enthusiasm to <em>Deadpool</em>

Rodeo FX Brings Insight and Enthusiasm to Deadpool

Montreal, QC: Feb. 15, 2016 . . . Rodeo FX completed close to 230 VFX shots for Deadpool, Tim Miller’s R-rated depiction of the Marvel Comics anti-superhero. The studio, led by VFX supervisor Wayne Brinton, worked on complex sequences that required fire and embers, grotesque skin alterations, and set extensions. Rodeo FX brought its uniqueContinue Reading

Rodeo FX Wins VES Award for Game of Thrones: City of Volantis

Rodeo FX Wins VES Award for Game of Thrones: City of Volantis

      Montreal, Quebec: Feb. 3, 2016 . . . Rodeo FX has won a Visual Effects Society (VES) Award for its work on Season 5 of Game of Thrones. The award for Outstanding Created Environment in an Episode honoured the studio’s creation of the city of Volantis. Rodeo FX received the award lastContinue Reading

Rodeo FX remporte un VES Award pour Game of Thrones : La cité de Volantis

      Montréal, le 3 février 2016 – Rodeo FX a remporté un Visual Effects Society (VES) Award pour son travail sur la 5ème saison de Game of Thrones (Le trône de fer). Le studio VFX a vu son travail primé dans la catégorie du Meilleur environnement virtuel dans une série télévisée, grâce àContinue Reading

Rodeo FX Recreates 1800s Whaling Village for In the Heart of the Sea

      Montreal, QC: Jan. 27, 2016 . . . Rodeo FX recreated 19th-century Nantucket for Ron Howard’s latest film, In the Heart of the Sea, including concept art, seamlessly interwoven set extensions, and evocative matte painting for a total of over 260 visual effects shots. The VFX studio’s work demonstrates the power andContinue Reading

Oblique FX Delivers VFX for Sicario

  Montreal, QC: Dec. 16, 2015… Oblique FX created 123 visual effects shots for Sicario, the latest film from director Denis Villeneuve. Sicario tells the story of a young FBI agent (Emily Blunt) thrown into the violent and lawless world of the drug trade across the U.S.-Mexico border. A gritty, realistic drama, the story requiredContinue Reading

AERIGON Mk II Unveiled at IDE 2015

Los Angeles, CA: Dec. 10, 2015 . . . Intuitive Aerial will introduce the AERIGON Mk II at IDE 2015, Dec. 11-12 at the L.A. Convention Center. Updates to the heavy-lifting pro UAV include the launch of Intuitive Aerial’s 2.0 image stabilization technology for full size pro cinema cameras with industry standard lightweight zoom lensesContinue Reading

AERIGON Pursues Bond Over Trafalgar Square in Spectre

Los Angeles, CA: Nov. 12, 2015 . . . Intuitive Aerial’s AERIGON UAV was used on a key action scene in Spectre, the latest addition to the James Bond movie franchise. Helicopter Film Services (HFS) flew its AERIGON just above the rooftops near Trafalgar Square in London as Bond, played by Daniel Craig, races upContinue Reading

Aerigon UAV Used for Innovative Aerial Footage in We Are Blood

Los Angeles, CA: Nov. 3, 2015 . . . AERIGON, the aerial remote camera head manufactured by Intuitive Aerial, empowered filmmaker Ty Evans to capture spectacular shots for the skateboarding feature film We Are Blood. With the precision and maneuverability of AERIGON, the camera was able to follow the skateboarding action and capture shots thatContinue Reading

Aerigon UAV Used by Natural History Film Unit on Return of the Giant Killers

Botswana, Africa: Oct. 15, 2015 . . . The Natural History Film Unit (NHFU), based in Botswana, relied on the AERIGON UAV to capture aerial images of predators and prey for BBC Natural World’s The Return of the Giant Killers – Africa’s Lion Kings. The result is ground-breaking 4K footage of lions as they trackContinue Reading