Our integrated communications services combine PR and marketing tools to help you sell your film, move more products, or get more business for your facility. Our approach is based on three simple steps: Reach Out, Attract, Connect.

Before we roll up our sleeves and get to work, we consult with you to identify your objectives. Then we craft communications to achieve your goals.

Reach Out PR Services

The goal of all of our PR services is to draw your customers and prospects back to you. Our PR works because great stories in the right places generate real interest.

Reach into your customer communities with effective cross-media public relations campaigns. We have built our own list of over 2,000 film and broadcast industry contacts in print, TV/radio, and web media.

• Press Releases and Media Advisories
• Media Kits
• Media Relations and Story Pitching
• Coverage Tracking
• Newsletters, Twitter, and Social Media
• Film Festival Promotion & Sales Representation

Attract – Web Content and Design

The purpose of a web site is to encourage your prospects to make contact with you. Great content attracts visitors and gives them reasons to get in touch.

Web sites are the central hub for every business today. Good web sites reward visitors for taking the time to visit, and a steady stream of great new content keeps them coming back.

• Case Studies• Content Refresh and Regular Updates
• Web Site (Re)Design and Development
• Content Management and Search Engine Optimization

Connect – Marketing Communications

Connect with your customers through personal meetings, and at events, such as product launches, training sessions, trade shows, film festivals, and parties. We provide marketing materials and event support to help you make the sale, or secure the distribution deal.

Business-to-business sales happen through direct contact. We help you close the loop by helping you connect.

• Print Brochures and Related Materials
• Technical Writing and Illustration
• Product Launches and Training Sessions
• Custom Film Festival Packages

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